British MK.II Royal Artillery Helmet with Cruise Visor

British MK.II Royal Artillery Helmet with Cruise Visor
In a very good condition a British WW2 MK.II Combat Helmet with an extreme rare to find Cruise Visor!
The helmet is a British MK.II helmet that is dated 1939 with a very nice rough sand mixed paint on the outside against any light reflections.
Underneath this camo is a nice tan color camo paint also.
Inside the rough structure sand camo is a very nice painted decal of the British Royal Artillery that is for 90% present.
The helmet has it's original liner that is also dated 1939 and a named chinstrap on the name of 'Curzon'.
Attached to the helmet shell and liner is an extreme rare Cruise Visor.
Approx. 5000 are made in early WWII, with a view to protecting eyes from shrapnel splinters, many were lost after Dunkirk, and helmets proved not to be popular due to restricted vision.
In 1939 samples were sent to troops in France to try out, but reports were inconclusive, so 5000 were made and issued for a large scale trial to take place, however by this time troops had been evacuated from France, so helmets were issued to Home Forces to try out.
It was found that rain made it hard to see through as drops of water could not be shaken off. Further reports were not good, poor field of vision and no good at night.
The whole idea was dropped in 1941.
Obviously some were still used throughout the war.
A very rare helmet that we have never had for sale.
Aprrox there are 6-7 known examples worldwide!

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